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A listing of healthcare professionals providing specialized services at All Children's Hospital. Appointments with these doctors are typically made through your child's physician. If your child does not have a physician, you can find a primary care pediatrician using our Pediatric Referral Service.

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Hahn, Gregory V. M.D.   Orthopaedics
Hale, Gregory A. M.D. All Children's Specialty Physicians Hematology / Oncology
Harmel, Richard P. Jr. M.D. All Children's Specialty Physicians General Surgery
Harris, Evan W. M.D. All Children's Specialty Physicians Radiology
Hart, Dennis A. M.D.   PHYSIATRY
Henry, James G. M.D.   Cardiology
Hernandez, Raquel Gomez M.D.   Pediatric Medicine
Hess, Derek B. M.D.   Ophthalmology
Hess, J. Bruce M.D.   Ophthalmology
Homsy, Yves L. M.D.   Urology
Hoover, Dennis L. M.D.   Urology
Howie, Flora R. M.D. All Children's Specialty Physicians Pediatric Developmental Medicine
Huhta, James C. M.D.   Cardiology

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