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Living With a Rheumatic Disease

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Living with a rheumatic disease:

A child living with a rheumatic disease does not necessarily have to live a limited lifestyle. All the members of the family are affected by a child's diagnosis of rheumatic disease, so there must be an effort to maintain as normal a family activity pattern as possible. With proper management, a rheumatic disease may not have to hinder your child's daily activities over a long period of time.

Exercise and rheumatic diseases:

Exercise, when done correctly, can help reduce rheumatic disease symptoms, including:

Exercise is often times an integral part of a child's overall treatment plan for pediatric arthritis or other rheumatic diseases. In addition, exercise may help with increasing your child's sense of well-being. There are three main types of exercises that may be beneficial for children with rheumatic diseases:

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Diet and weight management and rheumatic diseases:

Researchers do not yet fully understand the role of diet and nutrition in rheumatic diseases. Studies are underway to examine the effects of food, weight, and nutrition on the disease. However, the Arthritis Foundation recommends the following dietary guidelines for children with pediatric arthritis and other rheumatic diseases:

Psychosocial management of rheumatic diseases:

Living with chronic pain and fatigue may leave your child feeling depressed and less able to cope with the pain. A cycle of pain, depression, and stress may keep a child from living his/her life to the fullest. Managing pain in a positive manner and taking charge can help break such a cycle. Part of proper pain management involves making sure your child is getting plenty of rest to preserve energy, including:

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