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Bicycle / In-Line Skating / Skateboarding Safety - Prevention

Bicycle/In-Line Skating/Skateboarding Safety - Prevention

Buying the right bicycle:

It is important that the bicycle your child rides is the right size. In addition, consider the following recommendations:

Buying the right helmet:

Although helmets can cost between $13 and $50, they can save money by possibly preventing a visit to your child's physician or the emergency room. When shopping for a helmet, take your child with you - a child will be more likely to wear a helmet if he/she picks it out. Helmets should meet the following requirements:

Some helmets are multi-sport, which can be used for inline-skating, skateboarding, bicycling, or other wheel sports. Helmets that specifically are called "bicycle helmets" are designed only for that sport. Helmets come in many sizes and varieties, including many infant sizes.

Proper helmet wear:

Helmets come with sponge pads to adjust the fit on your child's head. A properly-fitted helmet should meet the following requirements:

Road rules:

Since most bicycle crashes occur because the child breaks a traffic rule, it is important to teach your child the traffic and road rules. Besides wearing a bicycle helmet, teach your child the following traffic and road rules:

Special Note: Try to avoid letting your child ride his/her bicycle, in-line skates, or skateboard during non-daylight hours or during bad weather. If your child does ride at night, make sure his/her bicycle has a headlight, flashing taillight, and reflectors.

In-line skates:

Even experienced in-line skaters can crash and sustain injuries. The following recommendations were derived from the National Safety Council and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):


Skateboards should never be used on surface streets. Even experienced skateboarders can fall, so learning how to fall safely can help reduce the risk of severe injuries. The following are recommendations from the National Safety Council about how to fall correctly:

When riding a skateboard, children should obey all traffic rules. Other safety precautions to take when skateboarding include the following:

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