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Pedestrian Safety

Although less children are walking and exposing themselves to the risks of traffic, pedestrian injury remains the second leading cause of unintentional-injury related death among children between the ages of 5 and 14.

Children are at an increased risk for pedestrian injury and death because the traffic rules and risks often exceed their cognitive, developmental, behavioral, physical, and sensory abilities, according to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. In addition, parents and caregivers often overestimate their child's traffic skills.

One specific age group, ages 1 to 2, is at increased risk for non-traffic related pedestrian injuries, such as when a car backs up in the driveway, parking lot, or on sidewalks.

Unfortunately, injuries sustained by child pedestrians are often severe.

Where do most child pedestrian injuries and deaths occur?

Almost half of all child pedestrian deaths (43 percent) occurred between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. during 2001. Areas that pose an increased risk of injury or death as a child pedestrian, according to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, include the following:

How do I keep my child safe as a pedestrian?

To help prevent your child from getting hurt as a pedestrian, the National SAFE KIDS Campaign recommends the following tips:

Other preventive measures to take may include insisting on safer traffic measures, pedestrian walkways that separate pedestrians from the traffic, and lower speed limits.

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