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Types of Visual Screening Tests

In order to evaluate your child's vision, your child's physician will perform a history and physical, including a complete examination of the eyes. There are also many different types of vision tests that can be used to check your child's ability to see. Some of them can be used at any age, while some of them are used based on your child's age and understanding.

The following are some types of visual screening tests:

Visual screening tests for an infant:

The following are some of the ways in which your infant's vision can be tested:

Visual screening tests for an older infant and toddler:

Many of the above tests may be performed, in addition to the following:

Visual screening tests for a preschooler:

Some of the same tests that are used for the toddler, in addition to the following, may be used, usually around the age of 3:

Visual screening tests for a school-aged children and adults:

In this age group, formal vision tests can be completed with special charts or instruments that aid with testing vision. Both near and far vision can be evaluated.

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