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What is toilet training?

Toilet-training is teaching your child to recognize his/her body signals for urinating and having a bowel movement and using a potty chair or toilet correctly and at the appropriate times.

When should toilet-training begin?

Toilet-training should begin when the child shows signs that he/she is ready. There is no right age to begin. If you try to toilet train before your child is ready, it can be a battle for both you and your child. The ability to control bowel and bladder muscles comes with proper growth and development.

Children develop at different rates. A child younger than 12 months of age has no control over bladder or bowel movements. There is very little control between 12 to 18 months. Most children are unable to obtain bowel and bladder control until 24 to 30 months. The average age of toilet-training is 27 months.

Learning when my child is ready to begin toilet-training:

The following may be indicators of your child's readiness to begin toilet-training. Your child should be able to:

Signs that your child may be ready for toilet-training include the following:

Getting started with toilet-training:

The following tips may help parents get started with toilet-training:

After training is started:

There are books and videos on toilet-training you can find at the library or bookstore for additional information. Consult your child's physician for more information.

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