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Posted July 12, 2012
Kenny Lawton - July Employee of the Month

Kenny Lawton is the July 2012 Employee of the Month. Kenny works as a Housekeeper III in Environmental Services and has been with All Children's since 2010. Kenny was recognized for his Service Excellence by a fellow employee who said:

Kenny Lawton, July 2012 Employee of the Month

I want to give a personal thank you to Kenny Lawton for his help with Volunteer Day on the playground. I think Kenny is a star in our organization. Volunteer Day was the first time that I worked so closely with him and I was impressed how extremely helpful he was during the day's activities. In the extreme heat, he not only did his job including picking up trash, emptying trash, assisting with setting up, cleaning up, keeping the restrooms stocked, etc., but he went above and beyond doing other things, basically anything and everything he was asked to do. Kenny contacted maintenance when the toilet was getting clogged up, he went to the CDRC (Child Development & Rehabilitation Center) to look for ice when the ice was melting, he brought water around to the volunteers to make sure that they were hydrated and able to do their work. As mentioned, anything that was needed was completed before anyone even thought to ask. And, Kenny always did everything with a smile on his face. When I thanked Kenny, he said, "You are welcome, but I am just doing my job." We are so very fortunate to have Kenny as part of our organization. He really does exemplify Service Excellence and the All Children's Service Standards.

Kenny's Department Director added:

Kenny is an outstanding person with incredible character. He always goes out of his way to deliver the highest level of service and has time and time again been the essence of what Service Excellence should be. He employs all of the Service Standards each and every day and I receive many communications every month from a variety of disciplines here at All Children's about what a wonderful employee Kenny is. Kenny is responsible for any service calls that come throughout the campus. He is always multi-tasking and that never seems to phase his positive attitude. You may see him in the Service Standards video and that really is no acting job as he takes what he does very seriously, but always with a friendly smile and 'can do' attitude.

Kenny, thank you for all you do for All Children's Hospital and congratulations for being selected Employee of the Month!

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