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Posted January 25, 2007
Michele Bracey named Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Michele "Chelie" Bracey!

Michele Bracey, 2006 Employee of the YearMichele “Chelie” Bracey has been named the 2006 All Children’s Hospital Employee of the Year.

Chelie works as an RN II on 4SW, and has been with All Children’s since 1996.  A physician who recognized Chelie’s Service Excellence, nominated her for the July 2006 Employee of the Month.  The physician said:

One of my patients was transferred from the ICU to 4SW.  While in the process of planning the child’s discharge, we realized that the child had a lot of special discharge needs.  Social Work Services and I had already communicated to each other and the family trying to coordinate equipment, therapies, feeding supplies, etc.  Chelie was the bedside nurse and approached me and Social Work Services with a full-page list of expected discharge needs, including therapies, meds, pumps, follow-up appointments, etc. 

Chelie demonstrated an incredible, above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty level of care for the patient.  She was very thorough and presented a very well thought out plan of care regarding the discharge.  She made our jobs easier and I’m very grateful and appreciate her total commitment to Service Excellence.

  Chelie’s Department Director added:

Chelie has been nominated four times for Employee of the Month in the past four months, twice by parents, once by a staff member who was transferring a patient to her, and now a physician involved in the care of a child being cared for by Chelie.  Chelie has wonderful communication skills with all those she comes in contact with so that they know what to expect and when they can expect it.  She consistently puts the needs of the patient first and her nominations reflect her commitment to the patients and their families.  She is always willing to help a fellow co-worker.  She indeed exemplifies Service Excellence at ACH.

Chelie, congratulations for being selected the All Children’s Hospital Employee of the Year and thank you for the outstanding Service Excellence you provide the patients, families, and staff at All Children’s Hospital.

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