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Posted December 14, 2009
Daynette Haywood - December Employee of the Month

Daynette Haywood is the December 2009 All Children’s Hospital Employee of the Month. Daynette works in Admissions as an Insurance Verification Registrar and has been with All Children’s since 2001. Two fellow employees recognized Daynette’s Service Excellence and nominated her for Employee of the Month honors. The employees said: 

A co-worker was eating and started to cough.  The abnormal cough led Daynette to take note.  The co-worker stopped coughing and was not able to breathe.  Daynette thought quickly and started the Heimlich and the object that was stuck in the co-worker's throat moved and the co-worker was able to breathe again.

The co-worker who Daynette performed the Heimlich on also nominated Daynette for Employee of the Month saying:

Daynette came to my rescue giving me the Heimlich maneuver and saving my life.  I just finished eating an almond. I kept coughing and coughing due to the little crumbs and couldn't clear my throat.  I remember grabbing my bottle of water and taking a drink, but after that, things got worse and my throat closed up. I really couldn't breath and gasped for air. I remember standing up and a co-worker asking if I was OK. I shook my head 'no' and I remember someone saying to do something and Daynette doing the Heimlich maneuver. 

I am so grateful for everyone's quickness and helpfulness and the Admissions Department's leadership staff - I heard they ran as fast as they could to check on me.

Daynette, thank you for your quick action to rescue a fellow employee and congratulations for your terrific Service Excellence and receiving the December 2009 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month honors!

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