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Posted August 21, 2009
H1N1 (Swine) Flu Video Q & A with Dr. Juan Dumois

It's back-to-school season. This year, add swine flu to the list of parents' concerns. Health experts nationally and on the state level are already anticipating an increase in influenza infections with children returning to the school setting. So what is a parent to do? We asked Juan Dumois, MD, Director of All Children's Pediatric Infectious Disease Program. Click on the question below to see and hear his responses.

  • What do parents need to know about the swine flu pandemic?
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  • What should parents be teaching their children to reduce their chances of catching the flu?
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  • If I or my child show symptoms of the flu, do we necessarily need to see the doctor?
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  • If someone in my home develops the flu, does that mean everyone in the household will eventually catch it?
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  • What's the latest on flu shots -- both for the seasonal flu and for the swine flu?
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