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Effective with April 1, 2007 discharges, The Joint Commission introduced its Children’s Asthma Care (CAC) core measure set.  The CAC measures apply to patients 2 through 17 years of age who are admitted with status asthmaticus as inpatients in the acute care hospital setting.

CAC Measure 1 = Reliever Medications Were Given
ACH Children's Asthma Core Measures: Relievers

CAC Measure 2 = Systemic Corticosteroid Medications Were Given

ACH Children's Asthma Core Measures: Steroids

Home Management Plan of Care

 ACH Children's Asthma Core Measures: Steroids

These medications are medically indicated for the treatment status asthmaticus.  For more information on these performance measurement initiatives you can visit The Joint Commission Children's Asthma Care (CAC) Performance Measure Page.

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