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Audiology: Hearing and Hearing Aid Services

Audiology Services

Hearing assessment. Our master's and doctorate level audiologists are specially trained to perform puretone, tympanometry, speech and electrophysiologic tests for a reliable diagnosis.

Infant hearing. All babies born in Florida have a hearing screening before leaving the hospital. If your baby needs follow-up screening or diagnostic services, they're available at our All Children's audiology locations. Our audiologists are specially trained to work with young children. Sometimes chronic illnesses—or medications used to treat illness—can affect your child's hearing. Our audiology staff can monitor your child's hearing as she grows.

If your child is diagnosed with hearing loss, our audiology staff will help you evaluate the options for follow-up testing. They can coordinate referral to our pediatric otolaryngologists and other medical specialists as needed.

Auditory brainstem response testing with sedation. This test is available at the Hospital and at the All Children's Outpatient Care locations. It's used in young children because they don't have to participate with the audiologist—hearing is tested while they are asleep!

Central auditory processing testing can help show if your child has difficulty perceiving and organizing sounds and speech signals.

Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) Assessment. ANSD is a unique type of hearing impairment where sounds aren't clearly transmitted to the brain from the ear. It can affect a child's ability to hear and understand speech clearly and the child's ability to learn to speak clearly. Our ANSD team can make this diagnosis and make an appropriate treatment plan.

Hearing Aids

We can determine what type of hearing aid can best meet your child's needs. We dispense hearing aids—including programmable and digital hearing aids—and measure their performance. We provide extensive education about the use and care of hearing aids, communication strategies, and educational options. See Hearing Aids for Children for more details.

Hearing aid services for children are available at the Hospital, the All Children's Outpatient Care locations.

Cochlear Implant Program

Children with profound hearing loss may benefit from our Cochlear Implant Program. This device is surgically implanted to give children the ability to hear speech and everyday sounds. Intensive therapy and support from our Cochlear Implant Team help these patients develop their comprehension and speaking skills to the greatest extent possible.

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