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About the All Children's Neuroscience Institute

The goal of the All Children's Neuroscience Institute is to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for patients with neurological disorders --  we work closely with All Children's specialists in pediatric neurooncology, pediatric neuroradiology, pediatric neuropsychiatry and behavioral medicine, and the area's only pediatric neuropathologist, along with the full range of pediatric subspecialty care. Our experienced pediatric neurosurgeons work with a team of skilled physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and technologists to provide comprehensive care before, during and after hospitalization.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery is the branch of Neurosurgery that is concerned with the disorders of the nervous system and its supporting structures in children. Children are not just miniature adults -- they have unique physiology and problems. The specialty of Pediatric Neurosurgery is exclusively practiced by approximately 140 surgeons in the United States. Board certification in Pediatric Neurosurgery requires additional training and certification above that required for certification in general Neurosurgery (adult and pediatric).

The Pediatric Neurosurgery Program at All Children's Hospital is one of the largest in the southeast and provides comprehensive pediatric neurosurgery care for patients from throughout central and west Florida. The inpatient Neuroscience & Surgery Unit at All Children's has 28 individual patient rooms. For enhanced continuity of care and follow-up, we see patients at All Children's Outpatient Care locations in Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, and Ft. Myers, as well as at in our offices in St. Petersburg.

We specialize in the surgical treatment of a wide range of problems, including:

Pediatric  Neurology

 The pediatric neurology program at All Children's Hospital provides care for infants, children and teens with a full range of neurologic problems. We work closely with the board-certified pediatric neurosurgeons at All Children's Hospital to provide multi-disciplinary care for children who have undergone or may require neurosurgery.

Visit the neurology program page >>

Pediatric Epileptology

Pediatric epileptologists limit their practice to caring for children with epilepsy, particularly patients whose seizures are not well controlled by standard epilepsy medications. Our program specializes in the comprehensive evaluation of patients who have difficult-to-treat epilepsy. In most children medication can effectively control seizures, but there are some children and teens with epilepsy who have unacceptable side effects from medication or whose seizures are resistant to medication (intractable seizures).

Our Pediatric Epilepsy program has a full spectrum of epilepsy services, including:

Preparing for your Appointment


All Children's Hospital has a number of programs and resources for families with children who will undergo surgery. Please see our "Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery at All Children's Hospital" section for details.

Neurology Appointments

 Please visit the pediatric neurology program page for instructions on your pediatric neurology appointment.

 Epileptology Appointments

Our Facilities 

The Neuroscience & Surgery Unit features 28 individual patient rooms with comfortable accommodations for parents to stay overnight with their child. Six of the rooms on our Neuroscience Unit are designated Seizure Monitoring Rooms for patients undergoing comprehensive EEG and video event monitoring. All Children’s 12 surgical suites include a dedicated Neurosurgical Operating Room, with equipment for intraoperative brain mapping. We offer minimally invasive and stereotactic brain and spine surgery.

Diagnostic Services include:

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All Children's Neuroscience Institute
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