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Early Steps offers early intervention services to eligible infants and toddlers (birth to thirty-six months) with significant developmental delays or a condition that may result in a developmental delay. Early Intervention is provided to support families and caregivers in developing the skill and confidence to help their child learn and develop.

Early Steps services are based on Early Steps evaluations and the family's concerns, resources, and goals. Early Steps uses a Team Based Primary Service Provider approach which aims to empower each eligible family by providing a comprehensive team of professionals from the beginning of services through transition out of the program. The goal is for the family to receive strong support from one person, be provided a comprehensive team of professionals from beginning to end, and for the family to have fewer appointments and more time to be a "family." Services are provided to the family and child where they live, learn and play, to enable the family to implement developmentally appropriate learning opportunities during everyday activities and routines. Most services will be early intervention home visits.

The internet link below is a short video provided by the Connecticut Birth to Three System. It demonstrates and explains early intervention home visits: 

Click Here to View in English >>  

Click Here to View in Spanish >>

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If you have questions about the West Central Early Steps program or feel that your child needs an assessment, please contact us.

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