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How Do I Get Rid of Hair on My Upper Lip?

I have hair on my upper lip. Is there a way to get rid of it permanently? I wax my upper lip but it's annoying to have to keep doing it.
- Marla*

The only way to permanently eliminate unwanted hair is a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis is performed by inserting a tiny needle into the hair follicle and using an electric current to kill the hair root. Electrolysis can be expensive, painful, and even time consuming: Removing upper lip hair may take a total of 4 to 10 hours over several visits.

In some cases, electrolysis can cause dry skin, scabs, scarring, enlarged pores, and swelling. If you decide to try it, it's best to have the procedure done at a dermatologist's or other doctor's office to make sure it's done properly and safely.

Hair can be removed semi-permanently with laser hair removal, which is also expensive and can lead to swelling, irritation, and changes in skin pigmentation. In addition to waxing, other temporary options include depilatories made for the face, plucking, or bleaching.

If you are interested in a more permanent method of hair removal, talk to your primary care doctor or visit the American Academy of Dermatology website to find a dermatologist in your area.

Reviewed by: Julia Brown Lancaster, RN
Date reviewed: January 2013

*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.

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