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Environmental Control Measures

Families of kids with allergies should use environmental control measures that reduce exposure to the child's allergy triggers. Some require few changes in the home, while others can be costly or fairly time-consuming.

Talk with your doctor or health care provider about starting with environmental control measures that will limit those allergens and irritants causing immediate problems. But know that allergies develop over time with continued exposure to allergens — dust mites might not be a trigger now, but with continued uncontrolled exposure, could become one. The doctor may suggest taking precautions now so your child doesn't develop new allergies.

These are suggested environmental control measures for different allergens and irritants:

Controlling dust mites

Controlling pollens and molds

Controlling irritants

Controlling animal dander

Cockroach Exposure

Cockroaches carry proteins that can trigger allergies and flare ups in many kids with asthma. To limit your child's exposure to cockroaches:

Outdoor Controls

In some cases, the doctor may recommend allergy shots (immunotherapy) when control measures and medications are not effective. Ask your doctor about these options.

Reviewed by: Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD
Date reviewed: May 2013
Originally reviewed by: Kathleen Trzcinski, MSN, CRNP

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