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Pediatric Nutritional Services for Poor weight gain and failure to thrive

All Children's nutritional services offer specialized and specific counseling for children with poor weight gain and failure to thrive.

The risk of not gaining adequate amount of weight or being defined as failure to thrive, is concerning. Your child may develop compromised immune function, developmental delays, lethargy and/or constipation.

We work with a multidisciplinary team in order to provide you with a personalized plan to assist your child to catch up and grow adequately. Whether your child is 1 month old or 17 years old, whether they have any medical condition or not, we can formulate a care plan specific for his/her requirements and needs. We will analyze your child's current intake and provide recommendations accordingly. Education material as well as recipes and/or supplement recommendations will be provided appropriate for age and medical status. After the initial assessment, we will follow up to make sure your child is not only meeting his/her needs but also catching up adequately. If need be, we will make adjustments and provide other alternatives.

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