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What is an X-Ray Speech Study?

During speech production, a person's soft palate (velum) should close against the back of the throat to seal the nose off from the mouth. This is called velopharyngeal closure.

X-ray speech studies are completed by highly trained Speech-Language Pathologists using state-of-the-art dynamic, video x-rays to assess a child's ability to attain velopharyngeal closure.

Some children exhibit velopharyngeal dysfunction and are unable to achieve this closure and subsequently present with resonance and speech sound disorders.

When Is An X-Ray Speech Study Indicated?

Children who present with the following symptoms could benefit from the information provided by an x-ray speech study.

What Is Involved in Having An X-Ray Speech Study?

There are two parts of the evaluation, including:

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, physicians or patients can call Speech Language Pathology (727) 767-4141 or submit an online appointment request. A physician's prescription is required for the study.

We accept most traditional insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and most managed care plans.

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