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CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) Scan is a diagnostic tool which is utilized for viewing various body parts, from bones to organs and blood vessels. The CT scanner acquires images in the axial plane and sends the data to a computer which has the ability to manipulate the date so that the information can then be viewed and reconstructed into coronal and sagittal planes as needed. We even have the capability to produce 3D images of the body. Certain CT studies require the use of oral contrast, such as abdomen and pelvis exams, the oral contrast is use to help fill the bowel with contrast, so the radiologist can tell what is bowel and what is not. Some studies require the utilization of IV contrast so that we are able to follow the blood flow of certain organs and blood vessels. The use of Oral and IV contrast is often necessary so that our radiologist is able to distinguish between normal and abnormal anatomy.

The majority of CT scans usually take five to fifteen minutes; in addition to the scan time, this timeframe will allow our technologists to capture all of the necessary information and images that will enable our radiologists to make an accurate diagnosis for you and your physician.

Sedation may be required for a CT scan, the need for sedation will depend on the specific exam that your doctor has asked us to perform. In most instances, our CT technologist will attempt to perform the scan without using sedation, as our scanner is very fast. Our technical staff will always use the lowest possible amount of radiation dose when scanning, at the same time, our radiologist will be provided with a scan that has all of the necessary information to provide a comprehensive report to your physician.

Some of the most common CT exams include:



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