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All Children's Hospital is a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation accredited care center. Caring for more than 170 pediatric patients the Cystic Fibrosis Center provides comprehensive services, ranging from evaluation and diagnosis to treatment and patient education. Because Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a complex disease that affects so many parts of the body, proper care requires specialized knowledge. ACH CF Center is staffed by a dedicated multidisciplinary team. The CF team at the ACH CF Center works with each individual who has CF to meet that person's specific needs and to keep them as healthy as possible. This center provides CF care, including nutrition, pulmonary care and gastroenterology support, as well as psychosocial specialties for children (newborn to age 18) with CF.

The ACH CF Center also participates in CF clinical research, which plays a critical role in developing new therapies and educating medical professionals about CF and the care people living with the disease require. Data from people with CF is collected in a national patient registry, which serves as a rich resource for your CF health care provider and CF researchers. The latest potential treatments for CF are being tested in clinical trials at many CF Foundation-accredited care centers. Patients can help by volunteering to participate in a clinical trial that will help to advance research for a cure.

Our Services

The CF Center provides comprehensive care, including: 

CF Care Team

The ACH Pediatric CF Center provides personalized care and support to our patients and families through a team approach. Pediatric pulmonologists Magdalen Gondor MD and Tony Kriseman MD and Maria Bolongna, ARNP and Allyson Casey, ARNP are the lead clinicians for the ACH CF Center. Dr. Gondor has been the medical director of the ACH CF Center since 2003. Patients are seen in outpatient clinics in St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Tampa, Florida. The CF clinicians are active principal investigators for CF research clinical trials. The clinicians participate in professional and community organizations relating to pediatric pulmonary disorders. The physicians provide educational lectures at seminars, support groups and conferences.

CF Nurse Coordinator: Lisa DeStefano, RN, MSN
(727) 767-3995

CF Nutritionist: Vanessa Carr, MS RD NSCA-CPT
(727) 767-2301

CF Respiratory Therapist: Brittany List, RRT
(727) 767-8640

CF Research Coordinator: Kathy Hosler, RN
(727) 767-7247

CF Social Worker: Heather Bradford, MSW, St. Petersburg & Sarasota-outpatient & inpatient
(727) 767-3046
Kathy Eison, MSW-Tampa-outpatient
(727) 767-5020

CF Child Life Therapist: Katie McGinnis, CCLS
(727) 767-7390

CF Medical Assistant: GeorgeAnna Lawrance, MA, LMT

Patient Academic Service Coordinator: Jamie May, Certified Teacher
(727) 767-4130

CF Registered Nurse: Cindy Brown, RN

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