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During Surgery

After your child is admitted, the Family/Patient Coordinator will inform you where to wait while your child is in surgery, and where to meet the doctor afterward.

A parent or guardian must be present at all times when a child is in surgery in the Surgery Unit. Parents will be directed where to stay until they have spoken with the doctor. Only 2 visitors per patient can accompany a child into the Surgery Unit. Visitors may not eat or drink in the Surgery Unit, patient rooms, or waiting areas.

After Surgery


You can be with your child after they wake up from surgery. The nurse will give your child clear fluids and monitor their progress. The average time for same-day surgery is six to eight hours from admission to discharge time.

The doctor or nurse will talk to you about taking care of your child at home after surgery and will give you verbal and written discharge instructions.

Be sure to follow all discharge instructions and to schedule any follow-up visits that are needed. The discharge instructions will include a phone number to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Prescriptions at the Retail Pharmacy

Prescription medications and non-prescription pain relief drugs can be purchased at the All Children's Hospital Retail Pharmacy, located on the first floor of the hospital, just around the corner from the Gift Shop.

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