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Posted October 27, 2011
Happy National Physical Therapy Month!

October is National Physical Therapy Month. All Children's Hospital appreciates the work of our 49 amazing and highly skilled PT's who offer Physical Therapy services for in-patients at 11 out-patient locations. In addition, we offer Sports Physical Therapy at six out-patient sites. Sports Physical Therapy is out newest PT program at ACH that has been rapidly expanding over the last year. All Children's Sports Physical Therapists blend their skills in sports medicine and their unique knowledge of pediatric growth and development to provide comprehensive care for young athlete and enable them to return to their sport at a competitive level.

The focus for National Physical Therapy Month this year is sports injury prevention across the lifespan. From Little League to High School, participating in sports helps promote physically active lifestyles for our youth. Despite the documented health benefits of physical activity (weight management, cardiovascular endurance, improved muscular function, increased self-esteem, etc.), we know the potential for sports-related injuries exists. Participating in sports the right way is key to avoiding injuries and receiving the proper rehabilitation after an injury is the right way to get safely back in the game.

The role of the Physical Therapists is to improve and restore motion and independence. Physical Therapists first and foremost assist to significantly improve mobility to perform daily activities . They provide treatment to strengthen muscles, improve range of motion, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve balance and coordination, progress gross motor development, rehabilitate injured joints and assist with return to prior level of activity including return to sports.

A physical therapist's extensive education, clinical expertise, and "hands on" approach brings a unique, individualized approach. In the hands of a physical therapist, patient's have a plan of care that is safe and appropriate and addresses both patients and families needs.

Please join us in celebrating National Physical Therapy Month and our ACH Physical Therapists!