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Posted July 8, 2011
Yolanda Sewell, RN is the July 2011 DAISY Award Recipient

Congratulations to Yolanda Sewell, RN who is the July 2011 Daisy Award Recipient. Yolanda has worked in our Emergency Center for almost five years. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse that has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

A parent recently wrote:

I am an employee of All Children's Hospital and the mother of a child with a very complex medical history. So, All Children's is both work AND a second home to me.  Yesterday, my son (who has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a secondary condition) was in more pain than he has likely ever been in his short and painful life.  Following hours of non-stop screaming, we finally brought him to the Emergency Center, knowing he would receive proper pain control and likely be admitted (my youngest son had been admitted only two days before, talk about a week!).  Yolanda was our nurse, and she was fabulous. She put me and my son at ease. When it came time to start his IV, she made sure to completely numb the area and was able to find his vein in one try (I normally request an IV team member because he's not an easy stick). She continued to monitor him diligently, answering his questions and making sure I knew what was going on behind the scenes.  Once the decision was made to admit him, she continued to check on us and keep us updated about our room status. She made sure to say good bye before her shift was over (even though he was peacefully sleeping for the first -time in 24 hours).

I've spent many hours in the All Children's Emergency Center and many nights in the new and old hospital. Yolanda was by far the best nurse that my son has had.  She was capable, calm, friendly and personable. She is a great example of what a nurse should be at All Children's.

"Her co-workers describe her as a true patient advocate," said Susan Byrd, Emergency Center Director. "She is quick to sit with any child who does not have a parent at the bedside. She works hard to assure children are comfortable and not afraid. Her teaching skills are top notch! She helps new team members and students feel comfortable with new skills. She is often requested by families she has previously cared for!  The Emergency Center staff never goes hungry when Yolanda is working! She is the first to help coordinate orders for lunch and pot luck meals."

Thank you Yolanda, for your service excellence to All Children's Hospital and your continued passion to pursue perfection.