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Posted December 13, 2010
Pat Edwards-Hare - December Employee of the Month

Pat Edwards-Hare is the December 2010 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month.  Pat is the Nutritional Services Clinical Manager and has been with All Children's since 1982.  A Department Director recognized Pat's Service Excellence and nominated her for Employee of the Month honors.  In summary, the nomination said:
Pat Edwards-Hare

Pat was instrumental in championing a change initiative that was made by a company in response to a safety concern raised by her.  It is very common for companies to change product names and labeling in order to boost sales.  An issue was identified during a near-miss situation where it was noticed that a new-labeled product could inadvertently lead someone to think the product was something it wasn't and if given to an infant who is allergic to that product could result in an anaphylactic reaction and possibly death, i.e., the potential for a fatal mix up was huge.  Pat took immediate action to avoid a potential problem.  Pat's actions resulted in the product being immediately removed from our inventory. 

Next, Pat began communications with the company and within two weeks the company sent representatives from their corporate offices to meet with Pat and Risk Management to review the situation.  After the meeting the company immediately realized the issue and agreed to bring a quick resolution to this problem even though they had not received any other complaints prior to this and the product is commercially available throughout the country.  As a result of Pat's feedback, follow-up, and recommendations, the company was eager to make modifications to benefit both the clinician and mom by making it easier to identify and locate the correct product by creating a new name and look for the product and by changing the lids and neckband color of the product container to avoid any confusion and to implement these changes to the product in all hospitals and retail stores. 

Shortly thereafter the company changed their labeling and cleared up any chances for confusion with these products.  It is difficult at best to convince any corporation to change their marketing and/or labeling/packaging.  For the company to take the action they did indicates the seriousness of this issue, the respect they have for Pat, and the credibility of her recommendations. Pat avoided a potentially harmful situation by being proactive to bring a resolution to this safety issue and thereby improving the safety for children not only at ACH, but throughout the country.   

Pat, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do for All Children's Hospital, our patients and kids everywhere.  Congratulations for receiving the December 2010 Employee of the Month honors!