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Posted February 7, 2008
Christianne Mesolella named the DAISY Award winner for January 2008

Congratulations to Christianne Mesolella, RN on Four-Southwest, the recipient of the DAISY Award for January.

A co-worker who nominated Christianne said:

Without question, care of trauma patients and their families can be a complex and challenging experience but Christianne takes it all in stride. On a recent, more complex than usual trauma case, Christianne was the voice of reason with this family. She was available to the multidisciplinary team, which included staff from both ACH and BMC. Her calm communication and interaction with the family was influential in assuring accountability from family members for treatment of the child's guardian who was fatally injured and being cared for at BMC. Christianne was not only an advocate for her patient; she was an advocate for the family of a patient who was unable to make decisions and her wishes known. She encouraged the family to make decisions and assured that the child she was caring for would have someone to stay with her allowing the family the opportunity to go to BMC, make decisions and speak with the care team regarding issues of concern and end of life.

Christianne was calm, empathetic, compassionate and firm in her communication style and interaction with both the child who just lost her mother and the family who just lost their daughter. Christianne's explained the situation to the family at a level they could understand and she was patient with questions, explaining over and over again until they truly understood. In addition, Christianne was pivotal in helping the family with organ donation decisions in her calm, perceptive way. Christianne is an asset to 4SW as well as trauma service, trauma patients and the trauma family. It is a pleasure to work with her."

Oh behalf of the entire ACH staff, Christianne, thank you for your dedication to your patients.