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Posted April 24, 2008
Nichole Quatman - April 2008 Employee of the Month

Nichole Quatman, All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month - April 2008Nichole works in the Emergency Center as an RN II and has been with All Children’s since 1999. A major airline manager and a scouting manager from the Tampa Bay Rays nominated Nichole for Employee of the Month honors for the outstanding Service Excellence she provided as a passenger on a commercial airline flight. The airline manager said:

I would like to relate to you a situation that took place on one of our flights. It seems that one of our passengers was an elderly gentleman in his seventies and while the aircraft was in route he became light-headed, and at one point passed out and was in need of medical attention. One of your nurses, Nichole Quatman, was aboard and without hesitation moved in to help administer medical attention to the gentleman. She handled the situation very capably and was able to stabilize the gentleman. Her manner was extremely professional and she impressed the flight crew with her knowledge and ability. Ms. Quatman asked for certain equipment from our flight personnel and was able to put the equipment to use. In the meantime the Captain of the aircraft called and asked to have the paramedics standing by upon the arrival of the aircraft. Ms. Quatman stayed with the gentleman even after the flight arrived here in Baltimore and gave freely of her time until she was satisfied that the paramedics understood the situation. This young lady is certainly a credit to your organization and we at Air Tran Airways are deeply indebted to her for her actions and knowledge. It is heartwarming to know that there are caring individuals out there such as Ms. Quatman.

The Tampa Bay Rays added:

Shortly after the flight had leveled off at the cruising altitude, a commotion of loud voices and a flight attendant bringing an oxygen tank to a passenger near me began. The passenger in need appeared to be slumped to the side and was not opening his eyes. Within a minute a woman two rows behind this incident jumped up and announced with calm and confidence she was a nurse and she took charge. I know I was relieved for the passenger and I could tell the airline's staff was too. The passenger seemed to come around and the staff then asked her to change seats across from him for the rest of the flight. She graciously did and kept an eye on this gentleman, stayed on the plane when we landed until he was met with emergency medical staff. I always feel blessed when I see people like Ms. Quatman, not afraid to help, to share her knowledge and do all this with care, understanding and a professional attitude. I am sure this is not news that her co-workers and bosses do not realize already, but I wanted All Children’s to know that among the many, many awesome individuals that work there, Ms. Nichole Quatman is certainly outstanding in my opinion.

Nichole, thank you so much for being a wonderful representative of All Children’s Hospital and the Service Excellence we are known for in the community. Congratulations for receiving Employee of the Month honors!