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Posted January 25, 2008
Gene Martin named 2007 Employee of the Year

Gene Martin, 2007 Employee of the YearCongratulations to Eugene "Gene" Martin for being named the 2007 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Year!

Gene has been with All Children's since 1993 and works as a Project Coordinator in the Quality Resources department. This department's mission is to help All Children's Hospital provide the best care and service possible to patients and families, which it does through projects focused on specific departments or diseases, and by improving the many processes that make up a patient's experience.

A physician who recognized Gene's Service Excellence, nominated him for Employee of the Month.  The physician said:

Gene Martin, a senior level experienced employee and role model clinical nurse, has served as an institutional leader.  As a respected peer, Gene represents the good that the institution seeks in advocacy for all children.  As effective coach and facilitator, Gene fosters team building that improves the process of care delivery and evolution of our patient safety culture. Having served in many types of management capacities during his tenure at All Children's Hospital, Gene understands the application of standards for accreditation and helps staff to be successful on a daily level.  He introduces solutions across departments and helps join needed elements for effective intervention.  He is a master communicator.  His warm clinical leadership style manifests in the Rapid Response Team implementation and evolution into the Emergency Team Project linking the Code Blue Team outcome analysis that led to recognition through the annual Hospital-Wide Quality Improvement Award.  His Race for Results national entries and storyboard for sustained improvement of Rapid Response Team, breast milk storage and handling improvements, and assistance with prevention of surgical site and device infection were presented at the national Child Health Corporation of America meeting in April of this year.  The children he serves are the winners for many generations thanks to work Gene put in place.

Gene was the June 2007 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month. The ACH Employee of the Month program honors employees for their outstanding service, performance and dedication to patients, families, staff and the hospital. Patients, families, volunteers and co-workers can nominate an employee for Employee of the Month. Each month a nominated employee is selected for Employee of the Month honors. The All Children's Hospital Employee of the Year is selected from the twelve Employees of the Month.

Gene, congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Year, and thank you for the outstanding Service Excellence you provide the patients, families, and staff of All Children's Hospital!