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Posted May 10, 2013
Congratulations to the ACH Patient Safety Stars

Congratulations to Juan Deida and Rebecca (Becky) Graham who have been selected as our Patient Safety Stars. They will represent ACH at a special ceremony to be held in June at the Johns Hopkins campus in Baltimore.

The Patient Safety Stars program recognizes and rewards employees who have demonstrated exceedingly high efforts outside of their regular duties which have been credited in the promotion of safety and the prevention of harm to patients. Employee of the Month, Daisy Award, and Good Catch Recipients are reviewed by the Quality & Safety Council. From this list, two Patient Safety Stars are selected using the Patient Safety Stars Selection Criteria.

Juan Deida

Juan DeidaJuan works as a Housekeeper II in Environmental Services and has been with All Children's since 2010. Juan was recognized for his Service Excellence by a fellow employee who said:

I was in my office at the end of my working day getting ready for the oncoming supervisor when I heard a frustrated voice outside. I looked out to find a mother in a very distressed way with her child. Mom had entered the hospital through the front lobby, but was looking for the Emergency Center. She found herself outside the Outpatient Pharmacy and was lost, frustrated and appeared desperate. Juan happened to come along and saw her obvious distress. He literally lifted the child upon his shoulder, scooped Mom up and whisked them away to the Emergency Center. It happened so fast and so sincerely-I knew that type of action and quick thinking is just what Juan does. I got a glimpse of the Mom's face and saw her sheer relief of being taken care of.

Juan had literally dropped what he was doing to come to the Mother and child's aid, making sure they got to the Emergency Center with no delay. Without Juan's quick thinking, the mother and child may have been delayed getting to where they needed help and a delay might have been life threatening. I spoke with the mother later and she called Juan her "angel" and said she was so grateful for his quick response to her baby's needs that night.

Rebecca (Becky) Graham

Rebecca (Becky) GrahamBecky works as a Patient Access Specialist in the Patient Access Service Center and has been with All Children's since 2010. Becky was recognized for her Service Excellence by a fellow employee who said:

We had a patient's doctor's office call to schedule an appointment for a child that had an abnormal chest x-ray. The child's mother was in the doctor's office and crying, hoping to get in as soon as possible. Knowing there was cause for concern, Becky took the initiative to call the cardiology office and explain the situation. She was able to help the mom get to the right person to schedule an immediate appointment. Because of Becky's call, the child was seen in a timely manner and ended up being admitted to ACH. Becky went above and beyond the call of duty as as a patient advocate. She helped save a life!