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Posted February 12, 2013
Mohammed "Ben" Benzina is the February 2013 Employee of the Month

Mohammed Mohammed "Ben" Benzina is the February 2013 Employee of the Month. Ben works as a Short Order Cook in the Food Services Department and has been with All Children's since 2011. Ben was recognized for his Service Excellence by his supervisor who wrote:

We call Mohammed 'Ben Two' because we have three Bens in the department. Ben is one of the most dedicated employees I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Ben will work anytime day or night, the weekends or holidays - you name it and Ben accepts the shift and assignment with a smile and without hesitation.  He is eager and willing to learn all the food service stations. Ben started off at ACH as a Utility Aide, and he learned how to make pizza, rotisserie chicken, work the grill, manage the Chef's Station, and now he backs the line up with food during the busy lunch and dinner periods. What Ben did recently was a terrific example of his commitment to Service Excellence. His shift ended at 7:00 p.m. He went home and after retiring to bed, he woke up around midnight and realized the oven wasn't loaded with the roast beef for the Chef's Features station the next day. Even though Ben lives across the bay in Tampa, he jumped in his car knowing he was the only one who knew how to program the oven and came in and put the roasts in the oven so they were ready for service the next day.

Ben's Department Director added:

Mohammed is dedicated to ACH as his supervisor described. To drive a good distance to make sure the employees of the hospital receive a delicious meal speaks volumes.  We've been utilizing the 'cook and hold' feature on our state of the art oven and Ben could have just called the chef and told him in the morning the roasts weren't prepared the previous night. When Ben woke up and it weighed so heavily on his mind he couldn't go back to sleep without taking action. That is behind-the-scenes dedication that no one really would ever had known about but it's what makes our Food Services department and what we do so unique.  I'm sure there were many employees and visitors who had a delicious roast beef meal and they had no idea how awesome the "back story" was related to that meal. We applaud Ben for his commitment to the Food Services department and the difference he makes on a daily basis to the hospital, families and employees. 

Ben, thank you for your extraordinary Service Excellence and all you do for our staff, patient families, visitors and everyone else who enjoys the delicious food prepared by the ACH Food Services staff.  Congratulations for receiving the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month honors!