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Posted December 14, 2012
Carol Sellman is the December 2012 Employee of the Month

Carol Sellman - Dec. 2012 Employee of the MonthCarol Sellman is the December 2012 Employee of the Month.  Carol works as a Respiratory Therapist in Respiratory Care and has been with All Children's since 1998. Carol was recognized for her Service Excellence by a parent and a patient. The parent wrote:

My son has been coming to All Children's hospital since he was six weeks old. We adopted him when he was 6 years old.  We live on the other side of the bay, but I decided to stay at All Children's for continuity of care.  Little did I realize that this would be one of the best decisions I would ever make for my son. 

Even without all the bells and whistles of All Children's, there is no other hospital where I would want my son to stay. The staff at All Children's is far superior to any other hospital. They truly care about my son. Carol from Respiratory Care came into my son's room with a lab coat covered with patients' handprints. She said to me, "Let me show you something." On the corner of her coat were a baby's handprints that said, Sweet Baby James - with my son's birthday. The prints were his! She said "I remembered you said you didn't have any pictures of your son as a baby and thought you might like to have this. She cut out the handprints and gave them to me. 

I cannot tell you what it means to an adoptive mom to have this kind of connection to the past and what it means to know that people who care about my son, especially those who have been taken care of him for the past 13 years. All Children's is more than a hospital to us. It is a connection to my son's past. Through the excellent care of his doctors and All Children's staff, it is hope for his future.

The patient who nominated Carol for Employee of the Month said:

Carol is a really nice lady and who likes to play with others and I think she is one of the best RT's that anybody could ever have! 

Carol's Department Director added:

Carol is a very caring individual and therapist, always doing the best for our patients.

Carol, thank you for your wonderful Service Excellence, the way you model the All Children's Service Standards, and all you do for our patients and families.  Congratulations for receiving the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month honors!