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Posted October 19, 2012
Twelve Clinicians Selected for 2012-2013 Designing Clinical Research Program

Congratulations to the clinicians who have been selected to participate in the second cohort of the Designing Clinical Research Program at ACH. The participants and their projects are:

Genieveve Cline, DNP: Decreasing the moral distress of nurses caring for pediatric non-accidental trauma patients.

Jamie Decker, MD: Premature ventricular contractions in children: Is it always benign?

Juan Dumois, MD: A pilot study of the use of Fecal Bacteriotherapy (FBT) for recurrent Clostridium difficile Infections in children.

Aaron Germain, MD: Outcomes of a donor breast milk initiative in very low birth weight infants

Kelly Hildebrand, MD: Weight loss management in the overweight/obese child enrolled in the school meal plan.

Vyas Kartha, MD: Coagulopathies in neonates and infants immediately following cardiopulmonary bypass.

Joana Machry, MD:  RCT of effectiveness and safety of CPAP versus heated high flow nasal canula with controlled PEEP ("Ram Canula" device) for premature infants with birth weight between 750 and 1250 grams.

Pamela Neely, PharmD: Tobramycin target serum level attainment in cystic fibrosis patients on a once-daily dosing protocol.

Mary Pavan, MD: What happens to children who are referred to Early Steps but are not eligible for the program?

Wassam Rahman, MD: Comparison of MRI versus CT scanning in diagnosing appendicitis?

Stacie Stapleton, MD: Phase I study of the combination of lenalidomide and SAHA in children with refractory or relapsed CNS tumors.

Steven Parrish Winesett, MD: Education of primary physician and mid-level providers with on-line epilepsy course to improve epilepsy care.

The goal of the program is to support members of the All Children's Hospital community in developing skills in clinical research and educational scholarship. The year-long program, which began this past weekend, uses a structured curriculum to assist clinicians with project development, study design, biostatistics and presentation of findings through poster presentations and article submissions.