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Posted April 8, 2011
Tracie Parry-Elick - April Employee of the Month

Tracie Parry-Elick is the April 2011 Employee of the Month.  Tracie works in Patient Accounts as a Patient Accounts Representative and has been with All Children's since 2008.  A family recognized Tracie's Service Excellence, saying:
Tracie Parry-Elick

I just wanted to contact you to let you know what a superb job Tracie has done and how fortunate All Children's Hospital is to have her as part of your team. I am astounded that there is still such outstanding customer service in our world today. From the first contact with Tracie, I knew she was in control and knowledgeable in her position.  She always answered her calls or called me back within minutes.  Throughout the process of helping with our insurance coverage she would update me and reassure me that she was working to get an answer. Tracie worked with our insurance company when I hit brick wall after brick wall.  Honestly, I was ready to give up and Tracie kept working to get us an answer. Her persistence in finding the answer was unstoppable. 

When I first spoke to Tracie, I said I wished I could bring her something to thank her for all her hard work. I said I hoped something nice happens in your world today and Tracie responded, "It already has - helping your son." I have told that story over and over to show how much she made me feel she really cared. In Tracie I have found there are still people out there who take pride in their jobs and want to help. Tracie was successful with our insurance company and resolving the issue. It's not only the resolution that I am grateful for but also Tracie's perseverance to make it happen. Words cannot express how appreciative I am of Tracie and all her hard work. As business owners, my husband and I are well aware what value it is to have such wonderful employees. You have a gem in Tracie and I just thought you should know. Thank you for having such a great person as part of your staff! 

Tracie's Department Director added: 

Tracie is always very patient when helping families with questions regarding their bill and insurance coverage.  She is an excellent listener and sincerely tries to help families with whatever concerns they have and works diligently to resolve any issues to the family's satisfaction.

Tracie, thank you for the terrific Service Excellence you provide our families and congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!