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Posted March 9, 2010
March 10th is Registered Dietitian Day

Registered Dietitians work in many areas of the All Children's Health System. In Nutritional Services, clinical dietitians provide nutrition care to inpatients on all units,often rounding with the medical team to give guidance on TPN, enteral feedings and complex nutrition needs. They work with families of children with a variety of nutrition related conditions including diabetes, prematurity,congenital heart disease, FTT, chronic kidney disease, cancer, short bowel syndrome, liver disease, food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and eating disorders.

Clinical dietitians are actively involved in many hospital quality projects including the breastmilk/formula centralization project, the neonatal feeding protocol and NICU starter TPN. Outpatient dietitians provide education to patients with nutritional needs at five of the Specialty Care Centers as well as the main hospital. They also staff CMS clinics for diabetes and gastroenterology at multiple locations. The Cystic Fibrosis program has a dedicated dietitian for this patient population to meet their specialized nutritional needs. Administrative dietitians direct the Food Service department and manage the Room Service program for the patient meals. They work closely with the clinical dietitians to develop the specialized menus for all the modified and allergy diets.

In Community Education, dietitians in the Fit4AllKids program help families develop healthy lifestyles to manage their weight. Early Steps also employs a dietitian who provides nutritional services in a child's natural environment, in addition to conducting developmental evaluations and working with providers who serve the children and families.

RDs must complete a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition/Dietetics as well as an 8-12 month internship in order to take the exam. So, find an RD this week and thank them for all they do!