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Posted May 13, 2014
Tom Gombarcik is the May 2014 Employee of the Month

Tom GombarcikTom Gombarcik is the May 2014 Employee of the Month - he was also Employee of Month for July 2003 and has received numerous Employee of the Month nominations over the years. Tom works as a supply clerk in Materials Management and has been with All Children's Hospital since 1990. Tom was recognized most recently for his Service Excellence by a fellow employee who wrote: 

Tom is one of the nicest, most caring and hardest working people that I know at work and outside of work. He is always very friendly while dropping off or picking up deliveries and goes above and beyond to bring things where and when you need them dropped off. Recently I had arranged to meet Tom during the morning on the 9th floor to drop off a large delivery for me. Unfortunately, on my way to work I was running late because of a flat tire and completely overlooked our meeting time. I arrived to work about 20 minutes after the time we were scheduled to meet on the 9th floor. I hustled over, happily to find Tom patiently waiting for my arrival. He didn't have to wait there for me, but he did other work activities while waiting for my arrival. Tom always wants to do the job completely and help others without question. He really is a person that genuinely cares!  I appreciate Tom every day and his kindness and hard work don't go unnoticed. Thank you Tom and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of being the next employee of the month.

Tom's department director said:

Tom is a seasoned employee who always goes out of his way to help and assist others. Tom's manager added, Tom goes above and beyond in all he does. He goes out of his way to help everyone and anyone - from hospital employees to patient families, Tom always finds time to help anyone with a need.  He has been nominated for Employee of the Month many times because of his helpful ways and the pride he takes in his Service Excellence and his role-modeling of the ACH Service Standards.

Tom, thank you so much for your wonderful Service Excellence and all you do to help all of the All Children's Hospital staff. Congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!