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Posted October 31, 2013
Mike Adams is the October 2013 Employee of the Month

Mike AdamsMike Adams is the October 2013 Employee of the Month. Mike works in Information Technology as a Senior Audio Visual Specialist and has been with All Children's since 2007. Mike was recognized for his Service Excellence by three of his colleagues who wrote:

Mike Adams went 'above and beyond' in support of our Clinical Updates in Pediatrics CME program. This program was recently held live on a weekend at the Education and Conference Center and webcast to East Lake, Tampa, and Sarasota outreach centers. The East Lake Center began having difficulties connecting the program to the webcast and contacted Mike Adams via cell phone on his day off. Mike spent a significant amount of time on the phone with them trouble-shooting the problem. To make a long story short, they could get no sound in the room. After significant and time-consuming troubleshooting, they were able to get sound on a laptop, and video on the main PC. The problem with this solution was that the video and audio were not synched, so the audience saw the video first, followed by the audio. Unfortunately, the slide being referenced to already passed by before the sound could catch up. When Mike found out about the delayed sound, he personally drove from Sarasota to the East Lake Center (63 miles one way!). When he arrived, he hooked up his own laptop so the receiving physicians could view the presentation. When he had the system up and running, he received spontaneous applause from the group for his commitment to getting the program up and running. Our Continuing Medical Education staff is not surprised by this level of commitment from Mike because we have always found him incredibly service-driven and willing to "go the extra mile" at all of the CME programs he has assisted with. In this case, we sincerely appreciate his willingness to "go the extra 63 miles" on his day off.

Mike's Department Director added:

Mike has showed time and time again his dedication to all children's Hospital.  He will do whatever it takes to ensure staff that he is there to support them when needed.  He is always striving to improve the audio visual to make the use of the equipment easy for staff use.  Mike is a great asset to ACH and the IT department.

Mike, congratulations for receiving the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month honors and thank you so much for being here to help the ACH staff with all the wires, switches, cables, knobs, buttons, and PCs in the audio-video world!