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Posted May 3, 2013
Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC) to Add Additional Patient Parking

With the demolition of the Children's Health Center (CHC) now complete, plans are underway to use the space to add additional parking for patients and families using the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC) located at 880 6th St. So. in St. Petersburg.

"The project is scheduled to begin on May 6 and will take approximately four months to complete," said Scott Nolin, ACH Executive Director of Facilities. "This will allow us to add regular parking spaces and 15 new handicapped spaces close to the building."

Nolin said the project also includes renovations to parking lot B (the closest parking area to the CDRC) along with irrigation and landscaping.

When the project is complete, patients can be dropped off under the cover of a new canopy being installed over the driveway entrance to the building. The exterior wall that once connected the CDRC to the CHC will be painted to match the décor of the CDRC.

Since portions of the existing parking lot closest to the CDRC will not be accessible during the first 60 days of construction, Nolin says complimentary valet service will be available. "We want to make sure we don't inconvenience patients and families during this process."

Patients and visitors to the CDRC can still use the parking lot entrance at the corner of 8th Avenue S. and 5th Street S. There will be signs directing families to the CDRC and the valet staff. 

Families also have the option of parking on their own in lot C (the lot adjacent to the CDRC which extends to 4th Street) and walking up to the building. This lot will remain open during the construction.