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Posted September 26, 2013
Check out our new Health Information Library

All Children's Hospital is proud to announce our all-new Health Information Library on Whether you're a parent, a teen, or a kid you'll find interesting articles, videos, teaching tools and games to help you learn more about illness, wellness, and a wide range of pediatric and teen health issues. Our new library has some great new features we hope you'll love:

  • Great content written appropriately for each audience. Now, for the first time, has entire sections of health information library written specifically for kids and teens. All Children's Hospital is working with best-in-class pediatric health library provider KidsHealth to provide the latest up-to-date information on a broad variety of subjects.
  • Interactive tools and games  to help teach kids about a variety of health related subjects
  • Engaging Videos to explain complex concepts to all audiences
  • Information Centers providing insight on common conditions like asthma, allergies, cancer or diabetes
  • Not just medical content, but content for your general wellness, with content for parents, teens and kids about emotions, growth & development, managing stress and proper nutrition

Check out the Health Information Library >>