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Dear Potential Council Member, 

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Development Council.  Since its inception over 25 years ago, the Development Council has served the Hospital in various ways.   As a member of the Development Council, you, too, can work as a "friend"-raiser to build awareness of the Hospital within our community.  

Membership in the Development Council allows you to meet other professionals to grow your own network - and to join a fun and dynamic group of people.   The extra benefit is that you will be providing valuable services to the Hospital. What better way to spend your time than helping children and their families while building lasting friendships? 

Volunteer opportunities exist for every level of participation and every volunteer is welcome.  Opportunities for involvement include (but are not limited to) General Membership Meetings, Member Socials, Telethon, Radiothon, the VIP Auction and dinners at the Ronald McDonald Houses. The Council's network has also expanded through involvement with legislative activities for children's health care and community education.

The Council's monthly newsletter, "Shout Out," will keep you informed of activities, special events, and foundation news, as well as provide a platform for your contributions to the Development Council.

Better serve your community by becoming a member today!  You can complete your membership application online - Join Now >>.   If you need more information about Development Council membership, call Waleska Lozada, the Development Council Coordinator, at (727) 767-2909.

Welcome to the Development Council - we look forward to serving our community with you.

Melisa (Mel) Bodnar
Membership Chair