Donating Toys and Gifts
to Patients at All Children's Hospital

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Toys and child-appropriate gift items are needed throughout the year. If you are considering a donation of toys for All Children's Hospital, we offer these reminders:

Donated items may be used as gifts to individual patients, utilized in playrooms, support groups, as in-room activities for patients and in conjunction with therapies. While a variety of toys and games are appreciated, see the list below what we can take.

Donation Guidelines:

Hospitalized children have special health needs, so we must be extra careful with the types of gifts we can accept.  For example, dust, smells (such as cigarette smoke and perfume) and animal hair can be harmful to kids who are already sick.

What we can take:

What we cannot take:

If you have items that don't fit our guidelines, please consider one of the local community groups that may be able to accept your gift.

How to Help

Unfortunately due to varied dietary restrictions our patients face, we are unable to accept gifts of food. Donated food items will be given to the Ronald McDonald House.

All Children's Hospital Lobby
501 6th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701