All Children's Hospital Homecoming

All Children's Hospital Homecoming

Welcoming AllKids Royalty

All Children's Hopital Inaugural Homecoming Event

All Children's Hospital will be hosting an Inaugural Homecoming Dance for patients who are
unable to attend their own homecoming due to hospitalization or who, due to life-limiting
illness, will most likely never get the opportunity. The Hospital's Homecoming is expected to
be an all-day affair, beginning with some pampering of the patients by professional hair and
makeup specialists where patients will be assisted with all the décor of a typical Homecoming.
The festivities will begin at 7:00pm when patients will be escorted along the red carpet
into an evening of music, dance and memories. Families will be invited to gather and connect
in a coffeehouse experience where they can be close by to participate in and enjoy the

ACH, a second home to many of our sickest patients, is hosting this homecoming event to
celebrate this "rite of passage," with an exquisite display of entertainment under the stars;
a chance for patients to live a piece of normalcy; to regain a piece of their childhood; to
come together for a Homecoming Dance. This event honors the ACH values, which encompass
compassion, hope, inspiration and teamwork to produce a premier experience for our
patients and families.Volunteers are needed to make every part of Homecoming happen!

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September 14, 2013 - All Children's Dress Shop

October 11th - October 12th, 2013 - All Children's Hospital Homecoming