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Can I use All Children's Hospital Logo?
We do grant the use of the All Children's logo depending on the nature of the fundraiser. The third party coordinator must review all intended uses of the All Children's Hospital logo or name before it is distributed (Please Note: This also includes the use of Web sites.)

When will I know if my event is approved?
The third party committee meets on a bi-weekly basis. Once your application has been submitted, you will be notified that it has been received by the third party coordinator. He or she will follow up with you to ask any further questions regarding the event. He or she will then bring the application in front of the third party committee for approval and will contact you within two business days of that meeting regarding your fundraiser.

Can All Children's Hospital cover the costs of the event?
All Children's Hospital is grateful for the vast amount of community support it receives. However, it cannot agree to cover the expenses your event. However, the third party coordinator can provide guidance in budget preparation, solicitations for sponsorships and receiving in-kind donations so costs stay minimal.

Can people who donate to my fundraiser receive a tax write off?
The third party coordinator can provide the fundraising organization with a thank you letter template including the 501(c)3 information for All Children's Hospital Foundation. This information will be necessary for your donors to claim their donation on their tax records.

Can someone from All Children's Hospital Foundation speak at my fundraiser?
Because of the large demand on staff support from the community, we can't guarantee attendance and/or speaking presentation. However the third party coordinator and Foundation staff will work very hard to accommodate the request to the best of its ability.

Who should donors of the Fundraiser make a check payable to?
Your donors can make the check payable to All Children's Hospital Foundation.

Can I direct the funds from the Fundraiser to one specific unit or purpose, eg. research, social services, therapy programs?
Yes. All Children's Hospital Foundation has many restricted funds set up. Please contact the third party coordinator for more information about these funding opportunities.