All Children's Hospital Guild Seminole/Largo Branch

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Photo Gallery

5-21-2015 ACH Guild General Mtg

Held at the Marriott St. Petersburg/Clearwater May 21st, 2015

5-6-2015 Installation Dinner and Meeting

2-25-2015 Spring Bunco

Held at Cove Cay.

2-2015 Ronald McDonald House and Misc

2-7-2015 - Members providing meals & supporting another Guild branch

12-3-2014 Christmas

Our monthly meeting, dinners, etc.

10-25-2014 Golf Tournament

Held at the Belleview Biltmore Golf Club!

9-24-2014 Fall Bunco

At the Belleview Golf Club!

7-2014 PJ's Restaurant

7-4-2014 Monthly Meeting

6-1-2014 ACH Telethon

5-30-2014 TBAA Golf Tourney

L to R: Jamie Foster, Carolyn Coram, Janice Koch, Laura Hatton, Miss Florida, Jean Campbell, Pat Ballance and ?. Missing from picture; Debbie Clarke!

5-10-2014 Running for All Children Inaugural Race

5-7-2014 Installation Dinner/Meeting

Held at Alfano's Italian Restaurant - outgoing Prez. Paula Keyser, incoming Prez. Janice Koch, VP Carolyn Coram, Secretary Jamie Foster, Treasurer Maggie Cancelino & Treasurer Elect Linda Mazzei.

4-30-2014 ACH Tour

Hospital, Transportation Heli-Pad, Nurses Simulation Room, NICU, ER, etc.. Great tour!!!

3-8-2014 Seminole Pow Wow Parade

3-7-2014 SES Walk-a-thon

Seminole Elementary School Walk-a-thon benefiting All Children's Hospital. Co-Chairs, Janice Koch and Sara Hastings

2-19-2014 Bunco - Spring

Held at Belleview Biltmore Golf Club!

2-9-2014 Nominating Committee

Membership Chair, Mindy LaGrande, past three Presidents Brooke Crandall, Pat Ballance & Terry Martsolf and one member at large, Carol Powers!

2-5-2014 February Meeting

Held at the lovely home of Claudia S. for Valentine's! Love the chocolate fountain!

12-4-2013 December Meeting

Held at Saint Pete College Seminole Campus!

10-26-2013 Golf Tournament - Part 2

ACH Guild Seminole/Largo Branch fundraiser to benefit All Children's Hospital.

10-26-2013 Golf Tournament - Part 1

All Children's Hospital Guild Seminole/Largo Branch

9-18-2013 Bunco - Fall

Held at Biltmore Golf Club benefiting All Children's Hospital!

8-2013 First Meeting With New Prez!

Our new President, Paula Keyser. Her first meeting - August 2013.

5-16-2013 Guild General Meeting

Installation of new officers for Guild Year 2013-14. Guild Branches and Guild Council

5-1-2013 Officer Installation Dinner

Outgoing President, Brooke Crandall did an excellent job this past Guild year! Mindy LaGrande, Nancy Hamilton & Carol Decker (part of the original Guild members who are still active) presented the new slate of officers as follows: President, Paula Keyser President Elect, Janice Koch Secretary, Danielle Webber Treasurer, Carolyn Coram Treasurer Elect, JoAnn Crandall The installation dinner was held at Alfano's Italian Restaurant ~ Clearwater, FL

4-12-2013 SES Walk

Seminole Elementary School Walk-a-thon to benefit All Children's Hospital :-)

3-28-2013 Pre-SES Walk

Working on the second Pre-Walk stage, eight hours of putting letters/packages together - paperwork! Somehow we managed to have fun though :)

3-15-2013 Berkeley Prep Walk

$4787.36 goes to All Children's Hospital ~ way to go ladies for working this event!!!! Co-Chairs, Joy Estes and Pat Ballance (missing from pic)!

3-9-2013 Pow Wow Parade

Some of our wonderful ACH Guild ladies and their families represented in the Seminole Pow Wow Parade...the theme was 'Support Our Troops'

3-6-2013 Meeting & ACH Tour

ACH Guild Seminole/Largo Branch

2-28-13 Nominating Committee

Past Presidents, Membership Chair & Member-At-Large!

2-20-2013 Bunco - Spring

2-2-13 Ronald McDonald House Dinner

Thanks to: Terry Martsolf, Nancy Gayne, Paula Keyser, Sara Hastings, Carolyn Coram, Jamie Foster, Bobbie Bernstein and Diane Browning for serving up some Rib City yummy food!

12-5-2012 December Meeting

ACHG Seminole/Largo Branch

12-7-2012 Christmas Party

ACH Guild Seminole/Largo Branch Christmas Party held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel - Clearwater Beach!

10-27-12 Golf Tournament

The 19th Annual All Children's Hospital Charity Golf Classic - held at the Belleview BIltmore Golf Club! Photos by Nancy Gayne and Jodee Craig.

11-1-2012 ACH Guild Appreciation Dinner

11-1-2012 Educational Dinner Highlighting our Guild's Philanthropy. Our new pledge is $900,000 from 2012 to 2015 for Palliative Care! Mission of the Guild: To advocate, volunteer and fundraise for children and families of All Children's Hospital. Our Vision: Supporting healthy tomorrows... for one child, for All Children. Held at the Hilton Carillon - St. Petersburg, FL.

9-19-2012 Bunco

Fundraiser for All Children's Hospital Guild Seminole/Largo Branch!

5-31-2012 Guild General Meeting

Held at the St. Pete Marriott Clearwater!

5-2-2012 $1Million Celebration

Seminole/Largo Branch celebrating our $1,000,000 milestone! Fundraising for All Children's Hospital since inception 1976.

4-13-2012 Seminole Walk-a-thon!

3-3-2012 Round-Up

Fundraiser - ACH Guild Seminole/Largo Branch. Held in the Seminole Rec Center!

2-22-2012 Spring Bunco

Ladies Night Out with one guy! Fun evening raising money for ACH!!!!!

2-12-2012 Nominating Committee

2012-2013 Incoming Officers...

2-2012 RMH Meals

One of the many members in the Seminole/Largo Branch providing meals for RMH! February 2012

12-2-2011 Holiday Party

The Club @ Treasure Island! Photos by Michelle Moody Collette

10-29-2011 GOLF

Held at the Belleview Biltmore Golf Club! Chair, Pat Shriver / Co-Chair Jodee Craig! All Children's Hospital Guild Seminole/Largo Branch members all help to make this happen along with our wonderful SPONSORS and supporters/players! THANK-YOU!!!

9-21-2011 Fall Bunco

Girls Night Out Fundraising for ACH!!!

9-15-2011 Guild Council General Meeting

Installation of New Officers for 2011-12

9-7-2011 Officer Installation Dinner/Meeting

ACHG Seminole/Largo Branch - held at "The Club at Treasure Island".

6-12-2011 TELETHON

Guild presents their check - $333,502!!!!

4-29-2011 Clearwater FMS Walk

Leading up to and day of Walk!

4-8-2011 Seminole Elementary Walk

HOT day but beautiful...

4-4-2011 ACH-JHM Ceremony

Beautiful day for a celebration of All Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine integration!

3-12-2011 Seminole Pow-Wow Parade

ACHG Seminole/Largo Branch marching in the parade!

3-5-2011 Round Up Original Old Tyme Photos

3-5-2011 Round Up

Seminole Rec Center

3-5-2011 Round Up Guild Members Wanted Posters

3-5-2011 Round Up Old Tyme Photo Picks

Old Tyme Photo Booth at Seminole Round Up

3-5-2011 Round Up Set-Up

Morning of RoundUp - lots of help!

3-2-2011 Guild Meeting

2-23-2011 Spring Bunco

Ladies Night Out held at the Belleview Biltmore Golf Club!

2-20-2011 Pre-Round Up Auction Committee

Basket Workshop #1

2-19&20-2011 Golfest

2-13-2011 Sweet Treats Love Ceremony

Love Lights Recognition and $4 MIL pledge from the Guild!!!!

1-20-2011 Guild Council Meeting

12-9&10-2010 Radiothon

Up at the crack of dawn ~ taking donations and pledges!

12-4-2010 Holiday Party

Held at The Club of Treasure Island.

11-18-2010 Society Banquet

Held at The Club of Treasure Island... wonderful event. Our very own Carol Decker's husband, Bob Decker was awarded the "Belcher Award"!!!!

11-3-2010 Monthly Meeting/ACH Tour

ACH Downtown!

9-2010 Pre-Golf Set Up and Prep

Lots of behind the scenes... recruiting donations and starting back in August to work on the fundraiser! Kudos to the volunteers!!! Our members rock!!!

10-30-2010 GOLF

Held at the Belleview Biltmore Golf Club! Thank-you to every volunteer for helping to make this successful year after year! To everyone, your donations help so many families at All Children's Hospital. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!

9-30-2010 ACHG Council and General Meeting

Last Guild Council Meeting for 2009-2010 and General Meeting - Hilton Downtown. Outgoing Chair Wendy Wood, Incoming Chair Carol Russell, Guest Speaker: Timothy Barber, Exe. VP Thomas Mundell...

9-22-2010 Fall Bunco

Another 'Sold Out' Ladies Night Out Fundraiser for All Children's Hospital! Fun evening of friendships and great food!

9-1-2010 Officer Installation Dinner/Meeting

Incoming officers for October 2010 through September 2011

8-28-2010 Incoming Officer Orientation

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

8-2010 Guild Council Bylaws / Policies & Procedures Meetings

1st Meeting - August 10th, 2010 2nd Meeting - August 24th, 2010 3rd Meeting - August 31st, 2010

6-6-2010 ACH Telethon

Guild presentation of the check - $280,000 and all the branches helping out by manning the phone bank!

6-4-2010 ACH Taste of Pinellas

Downtown St. Petersburg, FL - Guild ladies helping with ticket sales / admission!

4-16-2010 SES - ACH Walk-a-thon

Seminole Elementary School - April 16th, 2010

3-6-2010 Round-Up

Seminole Recreation Center - photos by Terry Martsolf - THANK-YOU Paula Keyser for contributing some also!!!

3-6-2010 Pre-Round-Up Set-Up

Getting ready for the big event in a few hours!

2-28-2010 Pre-Round-Up Auction

Getting ready... working on baskets and auction items!

3-3-2010 Guild Meeting

Our President, Pat Shriver @ one of our monthly Guild meetings @ gracious Claudia's home!

2-24-2010 Spring Bunco

10-17-2009 Society Tour - New ACH

November 17th, 2009

10-9-2009 Guild Tour - New ACH

Touring the new Hospital that we helped build - woo-hoo!!!!

10-24-2009 GOLF

ACHG Seminole/Largo Branch - 16th Annual Golf Tournament - Belleview Biltmore - Pat Shriver, Chair - Jodee Craig, Co-Chair!

8-5-2010 Officer Installation Dinner/Meeting

Incoming officers October 2009 through September 2010!

9-17-2009 ACHG General Meeting

Installation of officers! Wendy Wood, Chair

4-2008 Walk-a-thon


9-2008 Bunco

10-2008 Golf

3-2008 Round-Up