General News
Posted November 4, 2011
Jasmin Matamoros is the November 2011 Daisy Award Recipient

Congratulations to Jasmin Matamoros, RN who is the November 2011 Daisy Award Recipient. Jasmin works in our Emergency Center. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse that has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

On a recent evening, the hospital's switchboard received a call from the answering service that takes after-hours calls for some of our physicians. They had received a call from a father who primarily spoke Spanish and the answering service operator was trying to determine whether the caller was experiencing a medical emergency. The ACH operator offered to transfer the call to the Emergency Center in an attempt to find someone who could translate. The EC located Jasmin Matamoros. Jasmin exhibited many of the standards we look for in terms of Service Excellence. She actively listened. She had a positive 'can-do' attitude and she was certainly accountable. Jasmin recognized the worry in caller's voice. She listened patiently to the dad and discovered that he was concerned about the reading on his child's heart monitor. The monitor's instructions were written in English and he could not understand it. Jasmin stayed on the phone with the dad, helping to put him at ease and informing him at what point the baby might need to come to the hospital.

 Jasmin obtained all of the needed information so the answering service could relay the details to the on call physician. She went above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with this situation. Jasmin recognized the patient safety concerns and got involved. The answering service manager was so impressed with Jasmin's compassion that she contacted the call center director to inquire about a way to recognize Jasmin's efforts. The few minutes that Jasmin took out of her regular duties resulted in both patient safety and family satisfaction. It left this dad with a positive impression about the All Children's staff. Jasmin did such an excellent job she deserves to be recognized as a Daisy Winner!

"Jasmin has been an RN at ACH for nine years. For the past three years she has worked in the Emergency Center," said Susan Byrd, director of the ACH Emergency Center. "She is a valuable team member who is energetic and passionate about best practices and change indicators. She is an asset to the ACH team!"

Thank you Jasmin, for your service excellence to All Children's Hospital and your continued passion to pursue perfection.