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Posted October 14, 2011
Drug Disposal Day: A Great Way to Mark Pharmacy Week

All Children's Hospital will observe National Health Systems Pharmacy Week (Oct 16-21) by joining with Bayfront Medical Center and St. Petersburg Police to host a Drug Disposal Day for both prescription and non-prescription medications on Thursday, October 20.

Unused, unneeded or out-of-date medications pose a danger to our community's children and teens. Each year, many children and teens in Pinellas County require emergency treatment for a accidental or intentional prescription or over-the-counter drug overdose. Even when medications are stored in childproof packaging and out of children's reach, they can still wind up in the hands of children and teens living in your home-or in the hands of visitors.

Removing these drugs from the home is the safest approach, but often parents don't know where to bring them. Frequently pharmacies are unable to accept drugs for disposal because of laws that regulate controlled substances like painkillers. Families are advised to flush unneeded liquids and pills down toilets, but this practice increases the amount of drugs detectable in our water supply. Taking part in Drug Disposal Day can protect our environment as well as your family.

The St. Petersburg Police Department has generously agreed to take part in this event with All Children's and Bayfront to ensure that all drugs are disposed of legally and safely. Here are the times and location for the October 20 drop-off:

Location:  ACH Front Entrance (5th St. & 6th Ave. South)
Time:  9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

So remember, don't save unused drugs for a "pain-y day"...get them out of your home to protect the health of your kids and their friends.