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Posted June 8, 2011
Belvelene Beacham - June Employee of the Month

Belvelene Beacham is the June 2011 Employee of the Month. Belvelene works at All Children's Specialty Care of Tampa as an Office Assistant II and has been with All Children's since 2005. The mothers of two patients recognized Belvelene's Service Excellence. The first said:Belvelene Beacham, June 2011 Employee of the Month

Belvelene always has a smile on her face, no matter if she is assisting you or not. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable to bring your child to All Children's Specialty Care of Tampa for therapy. Even when I call to schedule or reschedule an appointment, I can tell by her voice she's smiling and always eager to assist me. She's great at what she does - way to go! 

The second mother said: 

My son comes to All Children's Specialty Care of Tampa on Tuesday and Thursday. Belvelene always greets him in a friendly and loving manner. She knows how much my son loves the ‘Tom and Jerry' DVD and always has it ready for him when we arrive. We are so taken by her kindness.

Belvelene's Department Director added: 

These nominations just begin to explain Belvelene's dedication to ACH, our values, and commitment to Service Excellence. Belvelene is in a position that is very stressful with the phone ringing non-stop, parents checking in and giving her co-pays, and therapists and families requesting schedule changes. She is always kind and persistently stays on the phone to obtain authorizations or scripts so families can receive services. She makes sure the families are happy by talking with them with a smile, making sure the DVD player is ready to go or giving a child their favorite toy to play with in the waiting room. Somehow she prioritizes her many duties and is able to serve all her customers. Belvelene does this every day with such success that different families have taken the time to nominate her for Employee of the Month over and over again. All the families love her and the therapists think she is ‘golden!' We are very blessed to have her as a front person in our office - she is always ‘on' and makes us shine!

Belvelene, thank you for the wonderful Service Excellence you provide our patients and families and congratulations for being selected the June Employee of the Month.