General News
Posted April 1, 2011
2010 Report to the Community

All Children's Hospital has released its 2010 Report to the Community that reviews the significant events and accomplishments of the hospital, as well as the total community benefit of our organization. Through treatment, research, education and advocacy, we actively invest in the health of Florida's children in many ways. The value of this investment in community benefit in 2010 was more than $33 million.

Highlights of the report include our brand new 259-bed hospital and adjacent Outpatient Care Center (OCC), which together occupy one million-square feet of space. Housed within the OCC is a Ronald McDonald House with nap and shower rooms for families with children in our hospital, and 14 private bedrooms for families with children in the Intensive Care Unit. In 2010, our Emergency Center handled more than 41,000 visits, and we continued our intensive research efforts towards better outcomes for premature infants, cancer patients and children with cystic fibrosis.

There are now eleven regional outpatient centers for children who need therapy services several times a week, when travel to our main campus isn't an option. Community-based programs surrounding children's safety, including our website, are helping to address our state's high rate of childhood drowning and other injuries. These and other programs that address issues of safety, exercise and nutrition education continue to extend our mission of Creating healthy tomorrows… for one child, for All Children.

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