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Posted August 15, 2007
Dr. Michael Gallant Marks 30 Years at ACH

All Children’s Hospital extends warm anniversary wishes to pediatric plastic surgeon Michael Gallant, M.D.

Dr. GallantDr. Gallant has helped ACH patients with cleft palate and many other medical problems for 30 years. A graduate of Yale Medical School, he came to All Children’s upon completing his fellowship training in pediatric plastic surgery at Case Western Reserve University and founded the cleft palate program at All Children’s Hospital. Dr. Gallant also performed surgeries on children with other congenital problems and children who needed reconstructive surgery due to traumatic injuries or acute illnesses like meningococcemia.  Over these past three decades, Dr. Gallant has performed more than 4,000 surgeries at ACH.

Among the thousands of cleft palate patients Dr. Gallant has treated, there have even been several “second generation” families, where a child whose cleft lip or palate he repaired years ago is now the parent of a child who needs similar surgery. He gets regular updates from many former patients and is proud to learn of all they have been able to accomplish.

Internationally, Dr. Gallant has helped children with cleft palate and other congenital problems by sharing his expertise with healthcare professionals. Along with other specialists from ACH, he has traveled to Moscow and to Latin America to perform cleft palate surgeries and to help native physicians develop programs for these patients.