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Posted January 12, 2011
Mike Foster - January Employee of the Month

Mike Foster is the January 2011 Employee of the Month.  Mike works in Human Resources as the Benefits Coordinator and has been with All Children's since 2002.  A fellow employee recognized Mike's Service Excellence saying:
Mike Foster

Several weeks ago, I had to have emergency surgery and was at home recuperating for over two weeks, right when Open Enrollment was happening. I had attended a Pre-Open Enrollment Information session and knew that I must make several important changes for the upcoming year. 

In addition to the stress surrounding my surgery, I became very anxious about not being able to make the necessary changes in time and called Mike from home and explained my predicament.  In his usual calm and polite manner, Mike answered all my questions, and explained very calmly how I could access the system at home and can do the needed changes online.  Even though he was very busy with Open Enrollment, he actually walked me through all the Open Enrollment areas that I had questions about, explained the nuances, and also gave me some very helpful information.  After he had made sure all the changes I needed were taken care of, Mike asked me to call back at any time if I still had some other questions or concerns.  He also reminded me to follow up on my medical leave papers, to make sure that I had everything in order. 

I truly appreciated not only his help in getting what I needed done in plenty of time before the due date (which relieved a tremendous amount of stress!), but also his obvious compassion and sincere efforts to help in any way possible when I was recovering from surgery and having a difficult time. 

Mike's Department Director added:

This is yet another wonderful example of Mike's performance.  He is certainly one of the most customer-focused employees I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  He demonstrates this type of dedication over and over again and has been nominated for Employee of the Month many times.  He is an outstanding example of Service Excellence and a vital part of the Human Resources team.   

Mike, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do for All Children's Hospital, our patients and kids everywhere.  Congratulations for receiving the January 2011 Employee of the Month honors!