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Posted November 22, 2010
Mike Acri - November Employee of the Month

Micheal (Mike) Acri is the November 2010 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month.  Mike is a Security Officer II in the ACH Security Department and has been with All Children's since 2009.  A fellow employee recognized Mike's Service Excellence and nominated him for Employee of the Month honors.  In summary, the fellow employee said:
Micheal (Mike) Acri

A frenzied man off the street approached the front desk in the hospital and announced he needed a Medicaid cab saying he was sick, off his medication and needed to get to another hospital to get treatment in their psychological ward.  Mike proceeded in a professional manner to assist the man with his request to get a Medicaid cab.  Mike called the Medicaid cab and was informed the man would need to see a physician before they could pick him up.  Mike investigated and determined the evaluation could be performed at Bayfront.  Mike then very calmly informed the man he would need to be seen at Bayfront by a doctor and possibly get help at Bayfront before he could get the Medicaid cab to go to the other hospital.  Mike kept the man calm by maintaining a professional, respectful, courteous and reassuring demeanor the entire time he interacted with the man before calmly escorting him from ACH and directing him safely to Bayfront for evaluation.   

Mike, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do for All Children's Hospital's Security Department.  Congratulations for receiving the November 2010 Employee of the Month honors!