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Posted October 7, 2010
Susan Wygle, RN is the DAISY Award Recipient for October, 2010

Susan Wygle, RN is the October, 2010 DAISY Award recipient. Susan joined ACH in 2007 as a travel nurse and later that same year decided to make ACH her home. She workes nights on 8 South. Prior to her travel experience, Susan spent 17 years at Columbus Children's Hospital. She graduated with her RN Degree from Ohio Central Technical College. 

The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse that has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

The parent of a patient recently wrote:  

I was not expecting to have to stay here on Monday and was not prepared. We had to rent a car to get here and financially things are awful. I have no family, it's just me and my four kids. I just lost my job and due to my baby's health issues, I also lost my home and car. Susan came in last night and got us a sleeper chair and pillows. She had a social worker come and talk to me. We received food tickets and will now be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Susan took the time to notice, listen, and help. She is a true angel. She put a smile on my face. It may not seem like much, but for me it was a lot. Thank you so much!

Her clinical leader, Amanda McCollom said, "Susan is a very compassionate and skilled nurse. She's a real asset to our unit." 

"I have only worked with Susan a couple of months, but I have been very impressed with just how caring, calming, and understanding she is with the patients and their families," says Cindy Driscoll, Depatment Director for 8 South.

Thank you Susan, for your years of service excellence to All Children's Hospital and your continued passion to pursue perfection.